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Learn how to create great habits for living well.

- Matthew S., Burlington, VT

"I just wanted to tell you how incredible this program has been for me over the last two weeks.  It has been a high stress time for me as a university student in finals week, but I have felt almost zero anxiety!  I was wondering when your next sale will be as I am ready to give the gift of mindful breathing to everyone in my family."

“It's not easy to feel anxious all the time.  Ask anyone who lives like that, it's awful.  Any little way you can make it better, you'll do it.  I would recommend this product for sure.  It's natural and it works." 

-Darryl, Westchester, PA

“I have been wanting to learn breathing techniques for well-being for a while now.  I bought a book years ago and I haven’t gotten anywhere with it.  I look forward to my new lesson every day, I'm glad I spotted you guys!”

-Carol Anne, Clifton, NJ

“I’ve been doing all the exercises since the beta release and I am loving this.  I have many health issues...I can feel a significant difference.” 

-- Manny, Eureka, CA

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“Bringing BreatheAware into our workplace has proven to be transformative.  I love that it's all about training yourself to take short restorative breaks.  Any busy organization wants this as a workforce habit.  The structured program and technology lets everyone participate at their own pace." 

- Clara, Minneapolis, MN

Here's what our users are saying!

“I use BreatheAware before I work out, take client meetings, or if I’m feeling stressed, hectic or tired."

-- Carolyn, Detroit, MI

“BreatheAware is an oasis in my morning and afternoon.  I try to make sure to do it everyday.  It's working so well that even if I miss a day I find time to breathe on my own.”

-Diego, Austin, TX

“Thanks to you BreatheAware for such a product. I know it helps me.  We (many of us) "forget" breathing, so tend to bring a sort of blackout to our body and brain. Our life is too intense and we need to learn breathing [again].”

-Marie, Saint-Denis, France

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