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Learn how to create great habits for living well.

- Vincent, Brooklyn, NY

"I used to be much more stressed and less patient.  It's not that life around me has changed since I started BreatheAware.  I have changed.  Paying attention to breathing, as simple as it sounds, [makes me] realize how much slower things can be...calmer.  So thank you.  My kids thank you too!"

“It's not easy to feel anxious all the time.  Ask anyone who lives like that, it's awful.  Any little way you can make it better, you'll do it.  I would recommend this product for sure.  It's natural and it works." 

-Darryl, Westchester, PA

“I have been wanting to learn breathing techniques for well-being for a while now.  I bought a book years ago and I haven’t gotten anywhere with it.  I look forward to my new lesson every day, I'm glad I spotted you guys!”

-Carol Anne, Clifton, NJ

“I’ve been doing all the exercises since the beta release and I am loving this.  I have many health issues...I can feel a significant difference.” 

-- Manny, Eureka, CA

“Bringing BreatheAware into our workplace has proven to be transformative.  I love that it's all about training yourself to take short restorative breaks.  Any busy organization wants this as a workforce habit.  The structured program and technology lets everyone participate at their own pace." 

- Clara, Minneapolis, MN

Affiliate Program

BreatheAware is designed for both one-time and recurring purchase, so you can make money immediately and over time.  

ClickBanks' conversion tracking cookie is active for up to 90 days, and we run promotions to help potential affiliate sales be cleaned up, and sales made.

1-Month Recurring | $4.50/mo. | After ClickBank fees you make approx. $18 - 50 / year! 

3-Month Recurring | $19 | After ClickBank fees you make approx. $9 - 36 / year! 

6-Month One-time full program access | $29 | After ClickBank fees you make approx. $21!


How Much Will You Make?

Let's Run Some Numbers:

1 sale per day = $270 - $1,500 / month = $3,240 - $18,000 / year

5 sales per day = $1,350 - $7,500 / month = $16,200 - $90,000 / year

10 sales per day = $2,700 - $15,000 / month = $32,400 - $180,000 / year

How To Get Started:

Sign up with ClickBankOnce you have a ClickBank ID, send your traffic to

Replace YOURID in the URL above to get 50 to 75% of every sale you make!


BreatheAware is looking for affiliates to help us bring our ground-breaking products to people throughout the world who need simple, accessible and effective tools for health, performance and quality of life.  

We offer affiliates 75% commission on one-time program purchase, and 50% on recurring subscriptions!

Our current program, BreatheAware Stress, is used by thousands of consumers worldwide, and is being implemented by leading hospitals, employers and schools.  We've been selling it since 2015, and are now growing strong!

About The Program

Clickbank does.   They are one of the most trusted third party affiliate program managers online today.  Checks or direct deposits are sent out bi-monthly or monthly, on-time, always.  

Once you've signed up for a ClickBank account you can log in at any time and see your hops (the people you've sent to our site), order form impressions, sales and commission payments, all in real-time!


Who Pays You?

We have a number of digital resources for our affiliates, including graphics, banners and testimonials to help you with your campaigns!  

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For language that describes BreathAware for use in your materials try our hoplink, or our website.

Affiliate Resources

“I use BreatheAware before I work out, take client meetings, or if I’m feeling stressed, hectic or tired."

-- Carolyn, Detroit, MI

“BreatheAware is an oasis in my morning and afternoon.  I try to make sure to do it everyday.  It's working so well that even if I miss a day I find time to breathe on my own.”

-Diego, Austin, TX

“Thanks to you BreatheAware for such a product. I know it helps me.  We (many of us) "forget" breathing, so tend to bring a sort of blackout to our body and brain. Our life is too intense and we need to learn breathing [again].”

-Marie, Saint-Denis, France

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